The KiNESIS Experience

Erasmus students



Oliver Karolyi - Stichting Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL)

Oliver spent 5 years studying Spanish literature, history, and culture.  His marketing study at HUAS shaped his creativity and research skills during many projects such as designing a completely new product. He included KiNESIS into his path, through a graduation project that gave him the opportunity to develop his skills further and build upon his previously collected experience. It was a great kick-starter for his marketing career enabling him to put everything he learned into this last journey of his bachelor studies. 

Oliver spent three months in Navarra (March-May 2022) and carried out an internship titled  The Camino de Santiago: Mapping the impact of the Aragonese route in Navarra. Here you can find his testimony about his KiNESIS experience. A video of his interview is also available. Enjoy!




Luca Scavuzzo Gauna -  University of Navarra (E)

Luca Scavuzzo (21-years-old), is a student of Applied Management at the University of Navarra, and he is currently doing his internship  (June - August 2022)i n Frigento, Italy in the Agrifood sector.  Luca with other students from the University of Navarra and the university of Wageningen is cooperating with Agri-food companies from the Terre Dell’Ufita (some villages in the region of Campania). The idea is to promote this area, its products and services and improve its communications, logistics and marketing strategies to avoid the growing shrinkage problem. His specific role consists in working on export and internationalization initiatives.



Muhammad Nasir - Tallinn University (EE)

Muhammad Nasir is a Master student in Social Entrepreneurship at Tallinn University, Estonia. Muhammad was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He's a Business graduate specialized in marketing. He has done two core marketing internships one was for the sales force and the second one was for marketing advertising.
He has three years of experience working in leading organizations from Office Assistant to Personal Assistant to CEO's assistant. He has also experience in the E-Commerce Industry and Digital Marketing as he has been working as a bVirtual Assistant for International clients and launched multiple products on Amazon from the US to Australia. His Traineeship (May-August 2022) titled  Rethinking the center of Fitero "The brand Fitero" is carried out in collaboration with the Town Council and local businesses to promote the brand Fitero, within their current campaign (Health, Cultural Heritage, Gastronomy and Outdoor Tourism). Here is a video about his experience with KiNESIS. 



Martin Cruz Echeverri - University of Wageningen (NL)

Martin Cruz Echeverri is a student of  International Development, at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands and he did his internship (June - August 2022) in Frigento, Italy in the Agrifood sector. He is keen on sustainable development topics, with a special interest in food-related issues.  During his studying and working experiences, he has been enhancing his critical thinking and learned how to work in teams and the importance it has in the exchange of ideas and the reaching of consensus. He is eager on working in culturally diverse environments and supporting communities toward a sustainable future. In this video he tells us about his experience in Italy.


Maureen Barasa -  Tallinn University (EE)

Maureen Barasa is a Master's student of Social Entrepreneurship from Tallinn University in Estonia. She is passionate about rural development through economic empowerment. When she heard about the KiNESIS program, she was determined to participate in the long-term goal of ending depopulation. She applied and got accepted to be a part of the internship titled  The Camino de Santiago: Mapping the impact of the Aragonese route in Navarra.  

The focus of her internship (May - August 2022) is on the economic impact this route has on the people and the businesses and how this can be used to combat depopulation.



Sabrina Stieber  - Harz University of Applied Science (D)

Sabrina Stiebner is a student of European Administrative Management at the Harz University of Applied Sciences. Since March 2022 she is participating in the KiNESIS-Project in Navarre (Spain) which has its goal to fight against depopulation and shrinking in rural areas across Europe. Her project in Rocaforte, therefore, focuses on reducing negative environmental impact to increase the quality of living. Specifically, the project goal is to reduce the acoustic, odour and visual impact of the paper factory at the bottom of the village. Here you will find a short description of her work. If you want to know more about her experience as an intern in our project watch her video on our Youtube channel!


Paola Buonanno  Porras -  University of Navarra (E)

Paola Buonanno is a student of Applied Management at the University of Navarra, and she did her internship  (June - August 2022) in Frigento, Italy in the Agrifood sector. She is particularly interested in working in marketing and territorial cohesion for local products, especially the position of reviewing importers and identification of distribution channels while developing promotion for KiNESIS. The degree she is currently pursuing at the University of Navarre has given her skills in the areas of marketing and public relations, thus giving her the right qualifications necessary for the traineeship in Frigento. Watch the interview about her experience in Frigento.



Consiglia Marchese  - University of Naples L'Orientale (IT)

Consiglia Marchese (23-years old)  is a Master student in Languages and Intercultural Communication at the University of Naples L'Orientale. She did her internship with the KINESIS project titled Camino de Santiago - Mapping the impact of the Aragonese Route in Navarra proposed by the ICS of the University of Navarra.  She continued the research done by Oliver Karolyi and Maureen Shisia. The idea is to analyse the economic and social impact of the Camino de Santiago route on the villages and small towns in Navarra as several of them face the risk of depopulation.  She tells us about her experience in Spain in this interview! The final results of her internship are available in this presentation.



Mariana Cely Uribe  - University of Navarra (E)

Mariana Cely Uribe is an International business administration student at the University of Navarra and she is currently doing his internship  (June - August 2022) in Frigento, Italy in the Agrifood sector. Mariana has always been interested in researching and analyzing issues related to sustainability and the interaction between corporations and society. Mariana is working on the development of alternative sales channels, especially on the digital side of sales creating online relationships and opening doors to new possibilities for the small local business of the Ufita area. She joined the project because she is truly interested in what the different small enterprises of typical products in this area have to offer and in the overall experiences of sharing new points of view with Italian small communities and supporting them in their possible developments.


Andre Toscano Aramillo - University of Navarra (E)

Andre Toscano is an international student currently studying Business Administration at the University of Navarra located in Pamplona, Spain. He is carrying out his internship  (June - August 2022) in Frigento, Italy in the Agrifood sector. He is a self-driven and motivated student who likes to get things done the best way possible. He's working on the Business to Business sector in this project and this means that he's looking at how to improve the B2B sector in the Ufita area in Italy. He's also responsible for finding ways how to implement technology in the agriculture sector in order to bring more innovation and help the partner companies reach their fullest potential. This in general is something that he's very interested in since more technology is being implemented in everything we do. He's convinced that he will be more involved in technology as a career.


Local students


Bilgehan Kurt - Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL)

Bilgehan Kurt is a fourth-year real estate & brokerage student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands. From February 2022 to July 2022, he focused on the KiNESIS project to convert pumping stations into heritage lodgings. The goal of this research is to preserve the pumping stations for the region. Since the pumping stations were and sometimes are a crucial element in the water management of a region. For this reason they form an important part of the regional heritage and as such have to be kept and maintained. By giving them a new function and informing people about their role in a regional history is therefore important.

For this purpose he conducted research in Nieuwolda, the Netherlands. He also visited the Harz.


Mafalda Masucci - L'Orientale University of Naples (IT)

Mafalda is a student of Chinese and Tibetan language and culture originally from the province of Avellino. She currently lives in Naples and she is enrolled in the final year of the Master's degree in Asian and African Languages and Cultures at the University of Naples L'Orientale where she also completed her three-year degree. She also conducted a six-month study abroad period as part of the Erasmus project at L'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris. For the KiNESIS project, she carried out an activity to assess the degree of digitisation and internationalisation of around one hundred sites mainly located in the municipalities of the Unione delle Terre dell'Ufita, which are listed on the Fondazione Sistema Irpinia website. The purpose of the research was to map the places that are part of Irpinia's cultural heritage, such as museums, churches, and archaeological sites, and to identify the shortcomings in digital communication, first and foremost the lack of information in English. The theme of the enhancement and development of inland areas interests she greatly because it is linked to her origins, which is why during the summer of 2022 she took part in the Summer School organised by Giveback- young inland areas, as part of the European Erasmus project.


Gerardo Genua - L'Orientale University of Naples (IT)

Gerardo, 27 years old, is a Master student in European and American Languages and Literatures (“Traduzione letteraria”) at the University of Naples L’Orientale. He studies German and English. He was born and raised in Frigento, Italy.

He applied for KiNESIS Project as part of his internship. He is determined to cooperate with foreign and local institutes to fight depopulation in the territories of the Ufita Valley and bring innovation in rural areas.

Within the Project, he interviewed third-year students of the Real Estate program from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Hanzehogeschool Groningen), who made suggestions about how to improve tourism and quality of life in Frigento.

He attended KiNESIS virtual training class (KVTC) with all the students that are part of the international living lab on social innovation in shrinking villages.

He carried out a case study on “The Civic-Archaeological Museum of Civilisation and the Territory of Frigento-Frimact: a dialogue between past and present to build the future”. He translated into English the Vacancies Format Museum (FriMact) and contributed to digitalize the cultural-historical heritage of Frigento.

He then took part in a workshop that forsake the strengthening the local health service to reduce the doctor-patient distances.



Federica Scaperrotta - L'Orientale University of Naples (IT)

Federica, 24 years old, is a master student of International Relations at the University of Naples L’Orientale and took part in the Kinesis project between August and September 2022 in Frigento.  She was born in Ariano Irpino, a town near Frigento that is the heart of the project, she knows closely the riches and problems of her territory and is interested in identifying the causes to encourage the search for a solution. In the KiNESIS project she dealt with the analysis of the land of the Ufita Valley,  which are subject to depopulation, analyzing the characteristics of individual municipalities with particular attention to infrastructure and population, trying to identify the causes behind the depopulation of this area. The tool used to achieve this goal is the drafting of a document that intends to be an element of stimulation for the community to change increasing awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the territory and the challenges that await it.