The KiNESIS Experience


Oliver Karolyi - Stichting Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL)

Oliver spent 5 years studying Spanish literature, history, and culture.  His marketing study at HUAS shaped his creativity and research skills during many projects such as designing a completely new product. He included KiNESIS into his path, through a graduation project that gave him the opportunity to develop his skills further and build upon his previously collected experience. It was a great kick-starter for his marketing career enabling him to put everything he learned into this last journey of his bachelor studies. 

Oliver spent three months in Navarra (March-May 2022) and carried out an internship titled  The Camino de Santiago: Mapping the impact of the Aragonese route in Navarra. Here you can find his testimony about his KiNESIS experience. A video of his interview is also available. Enjoy!



Muhammad Nasir - Tallinn University (EE)

Muhammad Nasir is a Master student in Social Entrepreneurship at Tallinn University, Estonia.

Muhammad was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He's a Business graduate specialized in marketing. He has done two core marketing internships one was for the sales force and the second one was for marketing advertising.
He has three years of experience working in leading organizations from Office Assistant to Personal Assistant to CEO's assistant. He has also experience in the E-Commerce Industry and Digital Marketing as he has been working as a bVirtual Assistant for International clients and launched multiple products on Amazon from the US to Australia. His Traineeship (May-August 2022) titled  Rethinking the center of Fitero "The brand Fitero" is carried out in collaboration with the Town Council and local businesses to promote the brand Fitero, within their current campaign (Health, Cultural Heritage, Gastronomy and Outdoor Tourism).


Maureen Barasa -  Tallinn University (EE)

Maureen Barasa is a Master's student of Social Entrepreneurship from Tallinn University in Estonia. She is passionate about rural development through economic empowerment. When she heard about the KiNESIS program, she was determined to participate in the long-term goal of ending depopulation. She applied and got accepted to be a part of the internship titled  The Camino de Santiago: Mapping the impact of the Aragonese route in Navarra.  

The focus of her internship (May - August 2022) is on the economic impact this route has on the people and the businesses and how this can be used to combat depopulation.